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Rhinos, Rickshaws & Revolutions: My Search for Truth

May 18-19

Ami Vitale, Photographer

Performance Dates and Times

Location: The Broad Stage

Run Time: Approximately 70 minutes, no intermission, plus a Q&A with the speaker

Thu May 18 7:30pm $85/$65/$50 Buy Tickets
Fri May 19 7:30pm $85/$65/$50 Buy Tickets

Since beginning her career covering such stories as the conflict in Kosovo and the disputed Pakistan-India border, photojournalist Ami Vitale has let one principle guide her work: to live the story. That means she's gone to tremendous lengths to capture the power of the human spirit even in the face of adversity-living in mud huts, contracting malaria, and braving civil war in Guinea-Bissau. But soon, another philosophy began to overtake her work: "you can't talk about humanity without talking about nature." Thus, she chronicles her journey from documenting warzones to helping to reintroduce rhinos to the wild, and donning a panda costume to remain anonymous among the giant mammals.


The May 19th presentation of Rhinos, Rickshaws & Revolutions made possible in part by a generous gift from John and Kathy Kissick.


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Photo Credits (L-R): Michael Davie, Ami Vitale, Ami Vitale, Ami Vitale